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The Healing Concert is an evening immersion into Wah!'s beautiful, meditative music with calming Blisslights. It is an invitation to access deep relaxation, natural healing and rejuvenation. An accomplished musician, author and one of the founders and leaders of today's World Music movement, Wah! has performed with Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer and Neale Donald Walsch. Her second book, Healing: A Vibrational Exchange explores ways you can create more space and healing in your life. Wah! awakens a journey of love and expansion through her music.

Wah!'s CDs have sold thousands of copies and are used throughout the world for yoga, meditation and relaxation. If you've taken a yoga class in the last five years, you have undoubtedly heard her music. A lifelong yogi and graduate of Oberlin College/Conservatory, she has spent 30 years studying yoga and teaching music as an art form and healing medium. Wah!'s second book Healing: A Vibrational Exchange includes her CD of live tracks from The Healing Concert.

Imagine yourself in a swing hung from the sky and swinging as wide as the universe…this is the expansiveness conveyed in Wah!'s voice.          -Light of Consciousness Magazine

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WAH! ~ THE HEALING CONCERT  featured in New Life Magazine OCT 2013

WHEN I WAS A TEENAGER, I met a woman who was dying of cancer. She went each week to see Sri Chinmoy play his flute at St John the Divine. I went with her a few times to New York City. I was 14 years old. Sri Chinmoy played his flute. That was it, that was the program, you went in and sat, and he played his flute. There was no lecture, nothing else, just him playing the flute. The Healing Concert is similar to what I first experienced with Sri Chinmoy who simply stated, "Everything you need is contained in this music, close your eyes and receive."

The Healing Concert is a 2-hour concert of meditative music, using vocals, keyboards, special effects and bliss lights designed to access deep relaxation (Savasana) and inspire natural healing. The Healing Concert is an invitation for healing and relaxation. The lights (handmade by Randy Johnson) move slowly, making random patterns on the ceiling and walls. The music moves slowly too - words, songs, loops and affirmations help you relax, slow down your breathing, and slow your thoughts. You heal from a place of wholeness, so the music and lights are carefully designed to help you feel whole. You are a perfect being in a perfect world.

Audience members can sit or lie down to receive the music. The Healing Concert creates a space for participants to ease into the space of spiral energy, letting go layer by layer. In describing what inspired her to create this concert Wah! says, "Because the energy of the universe is more intense, I'm finding that people really need to slow down. They need to have a moment to just breathe and sometimes they just need to lie down. To close their eyes. When the music comes in, I'm singing to the higher frequency of who is there. As I access their higher frequency, a lot of times people say, "Oh my God I just had to lie down!" Come breathe, meditate, relax, and feel blessed. Participants may bring mats, blankets or pillows for extra comfort. I want you to understand it's okay to be in silence and it's okay to receive. It's perfectly natural to rest, to reconnect with yourself, to begin again. There are many examples of it in nature but sometimes we lose connection with Mother Nature, especially in urban settings. I want you to feel your connection to life - to breathe, to dream, to appreciate the sun, moon and ocean, and to synchronize with the rhythms and natural beauty all around you.

Harmony starts within but not everyone can go right into a state of deep relaxation. It's not like you can come into the concert straight from rush hour traffic, sit down and experience the healing of your life. There are layers that have to come off. Some people don't even know that there are layers. You move through layers of thought and settle into a meditative place within yourself. You start with the breath because it is your inner companion, your first connection to life. It's what you do when you shift gears (sigh), it's what you do when you begin. After breathing for a few minutes together, you are free to sit, relax, enjoy the lights, take in the music, and be with yourself. The Universe expands and contracts, life goes up and down, seasons change, we change. At the end of the concert, we distribute flower petals you can take home, place in your garden or give to someone who needs healing.

The Healing Concert coincides with the release of my new book Healing: A Vibrational Exchange which explores seven ways you can increase receptivity in your life. It all begins with spaciousness. Some people say, "I can't relax. I can't sleep." I'm like, "Great, come to the Healing Concert and breathe, be in the space." Can you close your eyes? Yeah? Good, then you should come. It's an honor to help people move into a state of relaxation and self-acceptance.

Editorial Reviews

Wah!'s lecture had broad appeal. Many singled out Wah! as their favorite lecture in the series. Princeton University/Princeton, NJ

We had a lot of positive feedback from Wah!'s Healing Concert. The combination of healing music and lights with the planetarium projections was gorgeous and profoundly soothing. Highly recommended… University of Colorado Fiske Planetarium/Boulder, CO

Wah! provided a beautiful ambiance for healing with her concert. The lights and her beautiful sounds were a great addition to our 2014 national conference in Atlanta. Affiliated New Thought Network/Pacific Grove, CA

Astral lights transform the hall, and you're quickly swept up in the enchantment of Wah!'s voice.She creates a perfectly complex soundscape of loops, nature sounds and songs that is refreshingly spacious. At some point, when you're wondering why this is so very different from other concerts, the experience reveals itself. The whole thing really, is about you ~ the you that rarely finds a moment to be with itself. The evening left me speechless. And looking around, I wasn't the only one. After I floated home in that state, I had the happy realization that the experience was still with me. James Baldwin/Jim's Post

Wah!'s Healing Concert creates an environment of relaxation and healing that everyone responds to; audiences are is refreshed and transformed by the time they leave. Wah! has an uncanny ability to sing to each audience member—everyone feels the concert was just for them. She is an inspiring and authentic consciousness and a gifted musician. Center for Conscious Living/Moorestown, NJ

Fan Reviews

One of my clients came to Wah!'s Healing Concert, and we were chatting about it a few days later. She said, "You know, I have had many people tell me I need to meditate, but I could never get it done. It's impossible for me to still my mind. At The Healing Concert I was able to experience and understand for the first time what meditation feels like." Telling me this story brought tears. 8/10/14

Your Healing Concert, with the hypnotic layered rhythms and melodies, the lights (reminds me of fireflies), and the gift of rose petals all work together for a very transcendent experience. Lesley 7/2/14

Beautiful WAH!!! Queen of the Universe!! I came with no expectations, except to hear a beautiful voice. I had no idea of your Presence, your poetry, how you weave the elements of Life, poetry and music together. You are a true Artist, in every sense of the word. Kate 4/8/14

It is a brilliant concept. Through the music and the lights, I could feel the physical room and the heart space as I would feel the ocean. Different depths, heights, colors and shades of colors, varying intensity of light and shadow, and all floating and moving through the same viscosity of the water and air that surrounds us. What a delicious and embracing journey! Thank you! Mark 1/5/14

Wah!'s Healing Concerts are a wonderful experience of music, lights and energy. What a treat for those that can be in her presence and experience the deep healing and meditative space that Wah! creates. It lifts you up, elevates you, relaxes, balances you - it's a safe and relaxing space to enjoy the music, sound, and soothing vibrations of the words while sitting in meditation or relaxation postures (with healing lights all at the same time). I have gone more than once to the healing concerts and would go again. Stacie 2/2014

Thank you for a really profound evening. I was so into the music- that when I saw you- I was practically tongue tied and could only say one or two words (like "wow" and "amazing") now that I can actually put more than two words together....I wanted to say thank you and hope you'll accept with sincerest compliments and best wishes. Carol 1/11/14

I didn't have a chance to tell you last night, but I truly believe the confluence of your musical style in The Healing Concert is the perfect blending of spirituality with contemporary ambient and nature sounds. Its great...and I cannot wait for the concert CD to be available. I like the direction your music is going and believe the music of The Healing Concert has the potential to reach and resonate with a large number of people both domestically and internationally...primarily because the majority of the words are sung in English and the message of Love really predominates throughout the entire set. David 1/11/14


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