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Womens Gathering

Women's Gathering

3 Afternoons

Get ready to talk, tone, source, feel nurtured, relax and feel great! This 3-afternoon program is designed to bring women together to share, sing, talk, breathe, and immerse themselves in higher energies. Wah! uses breathing, toning, dialogue, light, meditation and discussion to develop spirituality, communication and self-healing for women.

Wah! is a legend in the yoga world and her teachings inspire profound personal growth. She is a featured guest speaker on Cate Stillman's Yogidetox Course, is a regular contributor to LA Yoga Magazine and teaches retreats and trainings worldwide. Her latest book Healing: A Vibrational Exchange is recommended reading for this program.

Wah!'s experience as a teacher and author allow her to speak with confidence about both the inner and outer worlds. Wah! emanates a beautiful expression of wholeness."

- The Dr. Julie Show: All Things Connected WBLQ AM Talk Radio

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