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Clarity is a series of events that leads you to understanding what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Clarity isn’t available all the time; it is balanced with confusion, just like silence balances sound, and rest balances work. Occasionally, you get a glimpse of clarity. It’s a gift along the path of awareness. It helps you understand why you chose this particular incarnation and its circumstances. You don’t really need to know what’s going on, to have your incarnation do its work on you. Your soul chose this particular incarnation so your internal work would be inevitable. The circumstances in your life were chosen with the idea that you could open, love, and evolve. Each person chose circumstances which were personally difficult. The process of reaching for resolution within this difficulty creates the growth.

So, let’s say your soul chose this incarnation for you. That means your program is already running. You chose it before birth – the childhood, the jobs, the marriage, all of it. The program is directed and guided by you (your soul), and watched over by your angels, teachers, saints, sages. With kindness and care, you are given similar sets of circumstances. After some practice you become more skilled in dealing with it. You develop an understanding. For example, suppose your soul decided it needed to learn humility; you might select a role of service. Or if you wanted to develop great inner strength, you might select a handicapped body or an opportunity to overcome a handicap. Lance Armstrong overcame cancer to become the world’s best cyclist. His soul is not nearly as interested in the awards and status as it is in the inner process. The awards were one day in a series of many days. The soul remembers a diseased body that couldn’t function on a bike (I heard even grandmothers were passing him when he first started) evolving to a world class cyclist. It is the process of transformation – all the decisions and circumstances along the way – that is celebrated and stored in the memory of the soul.

So, it’s not that you have to know what’s going on. You are already on your path. It’s working on you. The moments of clarity help you understand why you chose this particular situation. Why this as opposed to some other set of circumstances? Wouldn’t it have been easier if you were married to (-fill in the blank-)? Couldn’t it have been accomplished without all this aggravation? The answer is no. The easier the path, the smaller the progress. Difficult life: lots of progress. For me, a moment of clarity is like looking at my life from an aerial point of view. As if I was sitting with my soul, deciding the best incarnation for me, on whatever that first day was. From an elevated perspective, I can see my life and how the pieces fit together to help me grow. Why this childhood was the best choice to prepare me for that adult experience, why I met this person after that horrendous job, like that. It’s an “Aha!” moment, the clarity of knowing how it all fits together. I can trust that the guidance is always there, whether or not I acknowledge it. A moment of clarity shows me that the plan is right, the program is running, and my participation is required.

Clarity might come from long hours of meditation, but more often than not, it comes from a sequence of events. You might remember something from the past. It might be triggered by a car accident. Or in my case, it was a $1500 payment for two traffic violations. Something happens that jars your inner peace. Why is that necessary? Well, most of us are absorbed in our day-to-day activities, like we’re walking around in a fog. And besides, clarity isn’t something you have every moment. If you experienced clarity in every moment, you’d either be enlightened or you’d be a fanatic driving everyone around you crazy. Love is gentler than that. Clarity comes every now and then to remind you you’re on the right path.

So, a prerequisite for clarity is an occurence or series of events which jars your normal way of thinking. It shakes the foundation of your identity. In reality, the identity you adopted in this incarnation is just clothing. Your soul adopted it so it could try on so many roles and circumstances. When something in your life happens that jars you, it shakes the foundation of your temporary identity (who you think you are). But this veil has to be removed for clarity. You have to step outside yourself for a moment and see it as your soul sees it. Jarring your reality is necessary because you have your life and your world put together in a certain way. It’s a false perception, but it’s worked for you all these years. So you hold it together with your thoughts and actions, keeping things organized and comprehensible. But in order to change the way you see things, your world has to tumble. Events that shake your foundation lead to moments of clarity. It’s a different viewpoint than you had before. You keep going in one direction until the shake-up brings you the clarity to take a new direction. It’s an ongoing conversation between the Universe and you.

I wish that my moments of clarity moved me faster towards my goal. But they don’t really. Clarity only gives me the understanding of why I chose this particular work. It doesn’t make my work any easier. It just reassures me that I’m going in the right direction and that I should keep trying. The more I relax and go with it, the less resistance I have to grow. The opportunity is always there.

Wah! is a musician and spiritual seeker who travels the world singing and expanding sacred intention. She and her band will perform at The Journey’s EXPO in Lakeland, OH on Saturday, September 11th. www.wahmusic.com