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Divine Connection
by wah!

Tapasya (from the CD Embrace: a collection of songs to Ammachi)Inside the source of Creation is the love that heals all.
Everything holds the connection between Self and the absolute Lord. In this world I am wandering seeking bliss from the absolute Lord. Everything comes from Brahma. Brahma is all I know. Tapasya... © 2006 WAH! MUSIC All rights reserved. BMI Ekongkar Publishing
(Tapasya is a Sanskrit term referring to the inner fire created through intense spiritual practices.)

While it is true that silence carries the connection to Self, I think most of the jubilant Divine connection comes through music. Without television and before the days of electricity, most people gathered in the evenings to tell stories and make music. Not listen to music, make music. Participating in the creation of blissful frequencies is a tonic like no other. It feeds the spirit, and nourishes the soul in a way that few other activities can.

Divine connection is the seed for Irish music, Cuban music, and African music. People gather together to celebrate spirit - the stories of the people are told, songs of courage and triumph are sung, and in this way the hearts of the people are inspired and nourished. How can you be depressed making Irish music? The weather might be dreadful in Ireland, but the music is positively infectious. If you go to Cuba even today, many different street corners will house small groups of percussion and singing. Music is part of the cultural landscape.

I am a firm believer in Gospel music, not because I am a good Christian but because it connects me to spirit in a jubilant and undeniably happy way. It is impossible for me to stay emotionally closed and composed when a good gospel band starts playing and the singers start singing. I have to join in. I want to praise the Lord. I want to give up my evil ways. It feels too good not to!

What is it about music that can open the heart and soul like nothing else can? We know it, but we just don’t do anything about it. You are supposed to sing your troubles to the Lord, and He will hear and answer your plea. But do we? No, we call a friend and yabber on endlessly about it. Or we call a lawyer. But sing? No.

Divine connection does not mean your contact your Self, although that happens naturally from it. Divine connection means you expand into the Universe of love and possibilities and allow yourself to be renewed. It’s not like gardening and it’s not like meditating in silence or spending quiet time walking. Divine connection is an expansion of heart and soul, and I think music helps to make it happen.

If you sit and listen, you stay inside yourself. You observe yourself and those around you. When you sing, you create actual vibrations, sonically and spiritually. You put your energy out there and allow yourself to be molded, uplifted, caressed, changed, nurtured. So often at the beginning of my concerts, people in the audience are timid to sing, as if their singing has to be perfect pitch and pleasant tone or they might be evicted from the theatre! The musicality is there, but it’s not the most important part. The most important part is the creation of divine connection, which happens when each person sings. Each person’s voice is the expression of their soul!

As the audience creates connection, the evening builds and intensifies with joy.
I used to think the music and meditation was a solitary practice, and I did it solemnly and precisely that way for many years. But then I met Amma ( and she said forget about your meditation, go help someone in need. At that moment I felt as if my meditative practice had become a selfish thing I was doing, and that the same amount of time could be used helping someone. My practice became service to the world after that, and my music became a soundtrack in that effort.

What are you finding when you sing divine music? Is it joy? Is it religion? We are not praying for your salvation and we’re not praying for wealth or specific material gains. We’re praising the Universe so its presence becomes more expanded in us. When you sing in Sanskrit you create sounds of primal divinity; you access the presence of all life through all time as it has ever existed in us. You surrender into the great good of the earth, find the undying love which keeps you growing, and you sing its praises.

When returning to spirit realm at the end of one’s life, many people describe being greeted by loved ones, ancestors and friends with great jubilation. Divine connection feels like this to me. That’s why we dance and sing at my concerts. I know some people think this is a peaceful affair, but I don’t experience it that way. When impurities are purified, and stagnant energy is re-ignited, it is a time of great celebration. When the battles are great, the triumph of Light is also great. I feel and try to express that in my music.

WAH! has spent a lifetime immersed in spiritual pursuit, beginning yoga and meditation at age 17. Wah! has worked with various jazz, pop and world musicians to create trendy meditative music for the yoga community. Her latest release LOVE HOLDING LOVE (Nutone Music) was released last September.