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Apparently the world is flat. Leveled by the common denominator of the internet, we are now all equal under the eyes of the sun. The computer age compiles statistics and trends, we read about them, surf our interests. We are globally connected.

But that is nothing new to the yogis. In a world of telepathic understanding, global communication is elementary. Interconnectedness is an essential understanding. Meditation allows us access to all the internet and beyond: the Universe. It is simply approached from a different intention. The internet offers data and proof; yoga and meditation offers the experience.

Love is the essence. Ask anyone who has had a near death experience, or attended a birth, death, or visited the edge of our human existence. Underlying all our actions, reactions, and realizations is love. Love makes the plants grow. Love makes our children happy. Love makes the world go round.

Is love between two people? Yes. Is love something you find within? Yes. Is it between you and yourself, you and your God, or you and your lover? Yes to all three. The quality of all your relationships may be tinged with the presence of love. The closer you come to love in your own existence, the sooner you find it in God and other human beings.

After all, your world is all there is. How you think, feel, and act is the basis for all other reaction. Yogis take time before the day begins (often before the sunrise) to be, to breathe, to observe their thoughts and inner conditions. And then to infuse love into those current conditions. Yes, yogis use mantra, breath control, mudras and energy visualization to achieve those ends, but the essence of it is love.

Surfing the internet will give you all the statistics in the world, some great personal connections, and a speed of business like no other. But it can’t give you the touch of a loved one. It can’t give you the space of a sigh, the warmth of a fire, or an experience of a sunset. Love is a subatomic presence in the body.

Subatomic? Yes. Love is underneath the surface of thought and form. Beyond the muscles, bones and organs. Inside your cells. Think microscopic. You are currently manufacturing cells in your body - feet, eyes, organs, hair. Love is in all the cells you are currently replacing, the food you are digesting, the ideas you are growing. It is underneath everything.

Love is all that matters. It is what affects everything you do, see and create. How can you know this? Slow down your pace, breathe deeply, taking a moment to look into the eyes of the one who sits before you.

It’s called mindfulness. Come and be here in this moment. If you are washing the dishes, feel the soap on your hands, notice the bubbles and how they adhere to your wrists, contemplate the pipes and their architecture, the origin of the water. If you are reading this article, notice the sounds in the room, the temperature, how you are sitting, your throat and how it feels when you swallow, the blinking of your eyes, how fast your mind is racing. Just notice it all. Participation in this moment allows you a freedom. You are with yourself fully and completely.

In this meditative moment you can perceive love. It is a current flowing through the present moment. It is always flowing through the present moment. That’s the amazing part.

I can’t really point it out to you. There are bibles, books and scriptures to attempt its description. I can only tell you it exists. All the mantras describe it – with words like bliss, love, and nectar. Even Om exists as pranava, the holder of the life force. What is the life force? Love. Who can live without it? No one. You can die of heartbreak but you don’t need to. Love is here in this moment, rushing within you.

It can’t be described, but the mantras speak of it. It is the reason that mantras have so many words of exclamation – words like Jai and Om and He – with meanings like victory, wow, and oh! There is no way to describe the experience. Shri is light, it’s like sunlight dancing on the water, or the sun shining through the trees. It is radiance, both in your body and in the world at large. It is merely a concept on the written page. But when you see it, when you experience great radiance in another being, it takes your breath away.

The seed of love sprouts when you sing it, when you are aware of it, when you reach for it. You might be humming a tune softly to yourself, holding the secret of awareness. You and I may be singing the mantra together, and underneath it all is the essence of love. It is from this place that we wish peace to all beings. Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu. Om Shanti.

WAH! has spent a lifetime immersed in spiritual pursuit, beginning yoga and meditation at age 17. Wah! has worked with various jazz, pop and world musicians to create trendy meditative music for the yoga community. Her latest release LOVE HOLDING LOVE (Nutone Music) is critically acclaimed.

Open your heart, not to me, but to everything:
Your world, your eyes, your love, your lies. Everything.
Open your heart, not for a moment but all the time
Until the colors of all life are part of you inside.
What’s to give? Just to live. And so it is,
It is so beyond beautiful.

It doesn’t matter if it’s work or play, either way.
It’s how you feel inside, do you remember a different day?
When you felt sublime and no design was out of place?
There was no race against time.
Open your heart.

It’s a 24-hour love, don’t wait for it
It’s every day, all the time
Don’t sell yourself short.
Your world, your eyes can be opened.
Your love, your lies can be opened.
Open your heart, everyday, all the time, it’s beautiful.

“Open” from the CD Opium. © 2002 Wah! Music

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