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(one heart at a time)
by wah!
Contemplate God.  Can you do it?  Can you visualize something so abstract, so huge, so tiny, so omnipresent?  I’m not sure any of us can.  It is the process of meditation that opens our mind to the inner workings of the Universe.
Science gives us some glimpses into the order of the Universe. Nassim Haramein has, within the last 2 years, created a single theory of relativity called the Grand Unified Field Theory.  It unifies nuclear physics, cellular biology and astronomy under common principles.  What occurs on a cellular level is similarly trackable in nuclear physics.  What occurs on the cellular level is also observed in the cosmos, through Hubble telescopes.  What is above is below.  What is inside is outside.  If God were a theory of relativity, we could understand it in a formula.
But God – or The Cosmos, or The Omnipotent Presence, or Love, or Light – is fascinating not because it is formula-like, but because it is ever changing.  Random patterns of movement continue endlessly – snowflakes, blades of grass, the sunset – in ever changing expressions of beauty.  Varying circumstances of weather, season and planetary condition create a new sunset each day.  Varying combinations of DNA, sunlight, and water create new shoots of grass, a variety of flowers, indeed the food we eat. 
Waves crashing on the shore are predictable but never exactly the same.  Our lives are also predictable but never go exactly as planned.  Tendencies can be predicted; but actual manifestations are solely the invention of the Universe.  How the day is created, how our lives unfold within that creation are the delightful, infinite manifestations of God.  What we contemplate in meditation is the void - the source of this creation.  What we praise when we chant is the glory - the miraculous, uncontrollable, creative expression of the Universe.
Contemplation of God does not happen on its own; most of us need a reminder – a narrowly escaped tragedy, an unexpected joy.  These things help us remember we are not in control of our lives or others’; our lives are simply gifts, given temporarily so that we can enjoy, live and learn.  The attitude born from this thought process is called Gratitude.  Living in appreciation of the continuous expression of God is often called kripa, or grace.
“Can anyone have the vision of God with naked eyes?  One must have divine sight to visualise Him, and one gets it only after the purification of thoughts.  For this a pious life and Bhajan are essential.”*   
                                    -Divine Reality, Shri Baba Neeb Karori Ji Maharaj  
Maharajji, as he is affectionately called, recommends singing as a method to enlightenment.  Bhajan (singing songs of God) or kirtan (singing and repetition of mantras) purifies not only the mind but also the nadis, the channels of energy in the body which hold belief systems and recurring behavioral triggers (karmas).   Singing simple songs to God can point the mind in the direction of praise.  Singing simple mantras can clean the mind and its whole neurological system.  Mantra has incredible power.
How much chanting should you do?  Some say every day.  Some say all the time.  Some say it doesn’t matter.  For me, the balance of worldly and cosmic thoughts is easily distinguished by noticing the quality of my thoughts upon waking.  If, in the middle of the night, upon waking I hear celestial music or a mantra, I know my mental activity is divine.  If I wake with negative thoughts, or critical or self-critical thoughts, I know my mind needs purification.  Thoughts which focus on the world are logical and detailed.  Thoughts which focus on God are all-inclusive and synchronistic.  If you can get your mind to entrain to the Source of Creation, the creation will flow in and through you.
If you understand that all matter is connected, you will realize that your purification of thoughts has great impact on others.  Tibetans will chant and pray for the purification of all beings on the planet.  The idea is to keep chanting and praying until all beings are free.  It is not proselytizing, it is a personal practice of compassion.
Sometimes chanting, meditation or yoga will unearth a deep-seated issue in your heart which begs for release.  It could be an issue of abuse, poverty, or helplessness, for example.  As you resolve this issue in your heart, it changes the vibration for all beings on the planet.  That may be hard for your to believe, so think of it this way - a child is abused, sexually or emotionally, and suffers as a victim for countless years, choosing lovers and partners who continue abusive patterns.  As she resolves this issue and comes to purity in her heart, she may speak out about it (e.g. Oprah Winfrey) and give others courage to try.  Or she may live in a new and more empowered way, offering herself as a role model for others (e.g. Amritanandamayi –  When one person achieves a victory over personal limitation or sorrow, it allows others to follow.  Everything we do in the Universe affects every other thing. Becoming whole, pure and aligned with Self is not a selfish act; your awareness affects everything you say and do - you offer consciousness and possibility to others through your vibration.  When you become limitless, you are living proof that it is possible.
Being free is an incredible state of mind.  It offers immeasurable possibilities of empowered participation.  Your search to be free - to be enlightened, to find and be the true essence of Love – is something that will uplift you, those around you, and the planet.  We are shifting consciousness globally, yet it’s happening in seemingly unnoticeable increments. One helping hand, one talk-show resolution, one yoga class, one meditation, one mantra repetition…  The world is changing one heart at a time…
* Maharaj, Shri Baba Neeb Karori Ji. (2003). Divine Reality. Nainital, India: Shri Kainchi Hanuman Mandir and Ashram.

WAH! has spent a lifetime immersed in spiritual pursuit, beginning yoga and meditation at age 17. She has worked with various jazz, pop and world musicians to create trendy meditative music for the yoga community.  Her latest release LOVE HOLDING LOVE (Nutone Music) is critically acclaimed.