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Practice & Love
by wah!

The Universe is an interconnected web of people helping other people. Each of us carries someone along; each of us has someone who is depending on us to care for them – our children, our family, a co-worker, a person on the street. We grow through being there for them, helping them, giving them love and nurturance. In the same way, there is always a being higher than you willing to help you forward. It’s an interconnected web; there’s always someone below and above. We help each other.

I tell people the most important work you can do as a teacher is to work on yourself. You can only take your students as far as you have gone in your own practices. In this field of spiritual work, it’s refreshing to find someone more evolved than you and hang out with them. Their expertise, skill and love acts as a role model and guide.

The teachers at the forefront of yoga, chanting and other healing modalities have been cared for and molded by their teachers. They are carrying on a longstanding tradition of personal relationship between Guru and disciple. Perhaps it isn’t named that way in so many words but the transfer of light continues from teacher to student, from healer to healed, from counselor to patient. The world is a network of so many lightworkers.

Some people publicize their lineage and encourage others to find what they have found; others keep their Guru and disciple process as a personal and private privilege. Still others have amalgamated their process and define their teachers as Source itself. These are all so many names for the same thing. Source flows through our teachers to us or flows directly to us. The transfer of light remains the same.

We evolve by participating in the process. As teachers we learn to hold and integrate more light and become more effective healers and helpers. As students we learn what is possible for our own lives and how we can integrate more healing into our families, relationships and lifework.

So don’t feel that you have to create something – a style of teaching, or a new yoga center, or a change in your job or relationship. You don’t have to do anything. Just show up and offer yourself wholeheartedly to the process. As the energy mixes with who you are, a flow is established. It naturally leads you to what you should be doing. We don’t create these healing technologies; we participate in them. It changes us, and that’s a real privilege.

All energy gets recycled in new forms; all matter is recreated. Our enthusiasm to embrace the work before us gives us access to an infinite source of healing energy.

Light energy is shared and passed down from person to person, heart to heart. It reveals itself in every interaction. An experience of friendship gives rise to a sense of community. It includes not just the people in your immediate surroundings but those you meet coincidentally. We have a global community, with many different traditions and lineages all mingling together. Each tradition was started with one act of kindness, one person helping another. Let’s keep passing it on.

Wah! is a musician and spiritual seeker who travels the world singing and expanding sacred intention. You can reach her through www.wahmusic.com