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Practice & love
by wah!

Relationships. Love. Finding ourselves and loving others in relationship is one way we process our karmas. God is in each of us, remember? When we’re clear, relationship to Self, Source and others is magical. When we have issues to process, it can be difficult to just get through a normal day.

I just finished a week with Ammachi (www.amma.org) - two public programs, a three-day retreat and an all-night program which lasted well into noon the next day. Being in the presence of a realized being, I could just let go and enjoy the bliss, not worrying about how it looked, where it was going, or what my part should be. I just showed up each day and got progressively more open. If you have ever been to a kirtan, you might be familiar with the tangible peace which presides after several hours of singing mantras. Being immersed for a week only magnifies the feeling. And then it’s over. Then the real work begins.

My 10-year old daughter commented, “Why can’t we stay with Amma all the time?” and I answered, “Well, for one, you wouldn’t go to school, I wouldn’t go to work, and we probably wouldn’t go shopping for food or anything else. We’d just want to be with Amma.” We both laughed at the absurdity of wanting to be attached to bliss without attending to our responsibilities.

The inner work is a process of bringing the rest of your life up to the same level of bliss you feel when you are open. What is your standard for comparison? In Indian scriptures it is often called a “touchstone.” People compare a Guru or an enlightened master to the stone a jeweler uses to test the trueness of gold. Black jasper was used as a touchstone in older times - after rubbing gold on a black jasper stone, the color of the streak could determine the gold content within 1/100th accuracy. My standard for energy is the way I feel after a kirtan, or after being with Amma. If something in my life doesn’t match this feeling, then I know it needs some attention. Energy which moves slowly needs to be empowered. There is a prayer which says, please bring us from sluggishness to enthusiasm/light (tamasoma jyotir gamaya). Issues which have stagnated need to be processed and let go.

Being in an incarnation is a two-fold process involving both joy and obligation. We all have people we are responsible for, people who depend on us to come through for them - children, spouse, family, friends, business partners and clients. And we all have some expression of joy - hobbies, yoga, helping a friend, or someone you don’t know - really, anything which puts a smile on your face. You can understand this for yourself by making a list of all the people who depend on you. These are your obligations. Then note down all the times you smiled in the last week - what were you doing? Who were you with? These are your joys. Your work is to bring the joy frequency into all aspects of your life.

Sometimes your current world won’t support as much joy as you would like. In some cases, a healing crisis is necessary and your external world needs to shift. As you realign yourself with your truth, some things may fall away. But there really is no other way to grow. In your practice of yoga, chanting or meditation, you will be drawn to your True Self. As it opens and manifests in you, aspects of your life will shift to accommodate your new understanding. Outer manifestation follows inner growth. Each relationship in your life brings growth and self-discovery.

Amma will tour Europe in November (www.amma.org). Wah! is a musician and spiritual seeker who travels the world singing and expanding sacred intention. You can reach her through www.wahmusic.com