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Something Greater
by wah!
From Love Holding Love  (music by wah!
Sacred patterns of geometry
Organize themselves into coherent energy
The energy of love is light in motion
Love feeds itself and creates a nurturing paradigm
Of love holding love and light making light. 
More of same: you will see that
Love attracts more of what it likes.
It’s not a religion.  It’s a voice of reason
Scientific evidence of molecules in motion
Taking the shape of love and beauty
You can find it in nature.  Take it
And make it part of your identity.

Tuning into something greater is the first step of any spiritual practice.  You might chant OM at the beginning of yoga class, you might do breathing exercises before a meditation practice, or you might acknowledge a higher power at the beginning of a rehabilitation program.
When you align yourself with something greater, you expand in a natural and authentic way.  You are yourself, but simultaneously allowing the possibility of something more expanded in you to take place.
It is a common practice to align with something or someone greater – if you want to improve your tennis game, you play with someone who is better than you.  If you want to improve your status, you associate with someone who is more respected than you.  Find someone who is further down the path you want to take, and hang out with them, mentor, volunteer, become a fan, student or helper.  Align yourself with something greater, and you will eventually become that.  You become what you worship.
When you chant, you automatically align yourself with qualities of love, generosity of heart, deep meditation.  The mantras carry in them qualities of expansion and infinite wisdom.  The word OM, considered the pranava or carrier of prana (lifeforce), brings forth the energy of life when you chant it.  It is not a specific form, it is the energy of all life in all its phases of existence which comes forth.
Many of the mantras used in our concerts are expressions of praise.  You might be saying, “Praise the sun!”  or “Praise the moon!” or “Open, my soul, and live in the energy of infinite consciousness!”  These are words which point your mind and heart in a certain direction.
The mantras are not specific.  They are not affirmations.  The translation of Jai Ram does not mean “I will receive fame and fortune with one year’s time.”  Or “I deserve to be loved.”  It says, “Praise the Creator.”  Praise the one who gave you this life, praise the breath, praise all things living, praise all beings in my path, praise what I see unfolding before me, praise it.  Praise me.  Praise the one. Praise it all.  When you tune into the origin of the energy, you uncover the never-ending pulsation of life.  You get a feel for the boundless energy available to you, with all its endless possibilities.
Creating the sounds of the mantras aligns you with this never-ending pulsation of life called the life force, or prana.  Aligning yourself with the pulsation of all life will always expand you to a more infinite version of yourself.  I think that’s why I like chanting.  It is easy to do, and it is energetically incorruptible.  Even the most depressed person will gain some benefit from chanting.  No style of instrument - traditional harmonium or western rock accompaniment - can change the power of the mantras.  The mantras are seeds (in Sanskrit, bij).  They will generate Light whenever they are sung.
Something in you longs to expand, longs to be free of the current daily burdens and negotiations.  It is this longing which pulls you forward.  You may not know exactly what it will look like, what you will be, or where you will find yourself, but you do know how it feels when you allow yourself the freedom to expand.  You feel inspired.  Energetic.  Purposeful.
This is why people have pictures on their altars; this is why some people worship statues and temples.  They have a memory or understanding of it which aligns them with something greater than themselves.  You do not need to align yourself with Krishna to reach expanded consciousness.  You only need to align yourself with something greater than where you are right now. 
The more you chant or do any of the yogic practices, the more you align yourself with something greater.  You learn to expand.  It spills over into your life.  You believe you can align with something greater all the time.
When I chant, I am calling on the most expanded version possible to me.  I am calling forth all energies of Light, all Masters of Light.  I am calling on the Great Current which flows through all living things to renew and redirect all of us to the best possible energy and actions.  I often see people open their arms in a gesture of receiving, similar to the way trees open their branches and leaves to the sun.  I see people jumping up and down to the rhythms in the music, similar to the way raindrops jump up as they hit a lake or puddle on the street.  The feeling of expansion is what I pray and hope for from a concert of chanting.  When the chant is over and the silence is beautiful and even tangible, I know each person has experienced that expansion of self.  It is a gift.
WAH! has spent a lifetime immersed in spiritual pursuit, beginning yoga and meditation at age 17, studying in Europe, India and Africa. Wah! has worked with various jazz, pop and world musicians to create trendy meditative music for the yoga community.  Her latest CD, LOVE HOLDING LOVE, is released by Nutone Records.