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High Energy Vol 1

High Energy

About the Album

NEW! New songs, remixes, upbeat music to celebrate life! Get all the colors of High Energy!

The first CD of High Energy with most songs at 124bpm. Instrumental mixes are great background music for teaching yoga.

"High Energy is fun and great for yoga practice!"

grace walter, fan

The Story Behind High Energy Vol 1

High energy is a synchronicity of many events, a feeling of ecstatic, spiritual elation. The 8-limbed path of yoga points to bliss; the steps that take you there include yoga postures, breathing, meditation, and withdrawal of the senses. I am happy to share with you the results of my journey in spirituality. I hope these tracks make you want to dance around the house and celebrate your life.


In January 2017 Alex King-Harris of Yogi Tunes asked me for a remix to support a promotional push for Yogi Tunes. I sent a remix of Pahimam from the Maa album, and asked him for some names of DJs who might like to work with me on a remix project. Some beautiful friends showed up for the project, including Jermaine Hamilton, Dr Nigel, and Paul Hollman.

Jermaine Hamilton was my engineer for new songs on the previous album TAKE THE LIGHT. He has great engineer skills and good taste in music. I can always tell I've found a good groove because we'll both bob our heads up and down, or tap feet to the music. Music is something you feel, even in an industry that makes software music production a visual process.

Paul Hollman showed up to do a few mixes (Deep Blue and Deep Blue Instrumental), adding his signature Rhodes keyboards and great mixing talent.

I met Neil G. Larson, a DJ (Dr Nigel) while traveling on tour in New England; he remixed Pahimam from the CD Maa, adding cool grooves and melody twists.

Gold was written on a KAOS pad. My favorite DJ producers (Beardyman, Jamie Lidel) use it; I wanted to see how fun it was. Very fun! I recorded a scratch vocal track to give us the song structure and everything else was looped in.

After being off the bpm grid (clicktracks) for a decade, doing healing music, Healing Visualisations and the Healing Concert, coming back onto the bpm grid was refreshing and new. Moving with flow, I could flow within the beats and keep my attention on melodies, beats and hooks that felt good to me. Welcome back to the time grid!

Thank you for supporting my work by opening and expanding your life,

Jai ma,