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This collection of chants is designed for deep relaxation. In yoga class, the posture for deep relaxation is "savasana" - the practice consists of dissolving the body and mind into a space of deep spiritual peace. This CD features sharmonium, tamboura, violin, flute, bass, and free-flowing vocals.

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Track Listings


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 1. Opening

 2. Govind Jaya Jaya

 3. Hare Krishna


 4. Radhe


 5. Evening Bhav

evening bhav  

 6. Radha Ramana Hari


 7. Omkar Guru Ma


 8. Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya

 9. Shree Ram

 10. Closing (Lokaha...)

About This CD

Savasana (pronounced shav-AH-sah-na) is a technique of relaxing the body, mind and spirit. It is a yogic practice which is as specific as all the other postures (or asanas) practiced during yoga class.In its simplest form, Savasana is a cool-out time at the end of a hard work-out, a time to let the muscles relax, and allow the mind to rest peacefully. In its most complex form, Savasana is an out-of-body experience...

Editorial Reviews

Derk Richardson/Yoga Journal Magazine
By working wtihin humbly defined musical boundaries and remaining clear in her intention, Wah! escapes the pitfalls into which much music made for yoga and meditation falls. Any music with too much going on, especially in terms of busy rhythms, complex harmonic changes, or attention-grabbing solos, would obviously distract, but anything too simplistic or bland can actually irritate one's musical sensibilities... Wah! keeps her vocalizing unaffected and unornamented, allowing the wafting melody lines to unfurl with breezelike simplicity.... (August 2002) (read more)

Backroads Music/Corte Madera, CA
This CD is a cohesive, sensitive effort. "Savasana" refers to the deep relaxation practice which is often done at the end of yoga classes. These are spontaneous recordings "in the moment" with only the basic focus in mind. The resulting effect is one of restful prayer, and these chants are easily adaptable to any practice, be it yoga, meditation or relaxed listening. The opening and closing pieces are invocations, with the tracks in beween comprised of mostly familiar, simple chants such as 'Govinda Jaya Jaya,' 'Radhe,' 'Hare Krishna,' 'Om Namah Shivaya,' 'Shree Ram,' etc..

Light of Consciousness Magazine (Winter 2002)
Imagine yourself in a swing hung from the sky and swinging as wide as the universe... this is the expansiveness conveyed in Savasana....sustained chants, with Wah's velvety voice.... So relaxing, it will leave you breathless. (read more)

Fan Reviews

Myspace By chance.....I really appreciate "Savasana". I came in contact with ur music thru one of my mentors....blessed love...may ur music contine to inspire the higher self in those who come in contact with ur expression of universal beingness. Namaste. 12/29/08

Reka Gaborjani/Budapest, Hungary  I use Wah!'s songs in yoga classses for women and also in birth preparation classes in Budapest, Hungary, and pregnant women love these songs -- not once her music was on when babies were born. A great thanks to her! 5/7/2006

Richard/USA   I first heard the last track in Yoga class, when the teacher put it on during savasana (of course, it's appropriate). Well, the entire album is great. It gives me the combination of relaxation and rejuvenation, almost like a yoga session. After some friends listened, they tuned in to the Celtic background, which only adds to its interest. A great CD! 05/50/2005

Zach Baker/USA   There are a lot of great cd's out there, but there are certain cd's such as this one that improve your quality of life. Beautiful. So glad it was recommended to me. 05/04/2005

Brenda Smith/USA   My yoga teacher put this CD on during the ending of one session and I was immediately drawn to it as if it were calling my name, compelling me to float with the sound of the singer's voice to that place where only those who truly seek it can go. But the amazing thing is, if you seek it even a little, this music will take you there. I love to use it in the morning during my own yoga practice before I try to face a day of school with 10th and 12th graders. It helps me remember what I am really doing on this planet, even in the midst of hundreds of teenagers. 05/50/2005

Angela Skulteti/USA  This cd's purity is without trappings which dissolves you into pure awareness like no other cd can. 05/05/2005

Rev. Goddess Charmaine/USA   This CD is perfect for my world spirit and my deep connection to Goddess. I am thankful to the artist for her sharing and angelic spirit. Recommed to anyone that wants god/goddess soul in their music! Blessings. 05/05/2005

Steven/Hampton NH  Savasana is a beautiful enhancement to the morning...spring is close at hand up here in NH. After such a cold, snowy and dark winter, the music is magical. 3/6/05

Fred/Chattanooga, TN  I really like your version of Lokaha Samastaha Sukhino Bhavantu. This has always been one of my favorite Nada Yoga chants. 09/07/03

David Devine/USA  I was first introduced to your music at Kripalu and was blown away. I recently purchased your CD "Savasana" and have been using it while I give thai yoga massage, as well as during my private yoga practice. This music and your voice take me to a place I have not reached before and I want to thank you for that. Keep creating incredible music!! 1/5/03

Shawn Grim/Excelsior, Minnesota  Finding languid, luscious, richly moving music to support the bodywork I do, is not always easy. While in a herb & book store recently, the Savasana CD started playing. By the middle of the third song I was at the counter asking for the title and author. "That's funny, you're the fourth person to ask since we've put in this CD a couple minutes ago!" Needless to say I ordered a copy for myself, a friend and another practitioner. 12/20/02

Suzanne Sandler/AZ  I chanted with you in AZ at Yoga Vision and checked out the CD's...since then I have been going to sleep to "Savasana" and I HAVE TO THANK YOU. I have always had trouble sleeping and it puts me right to sleep (in fact, I can't listen to it during the day or I want to get under the covers:) so...simply, thank you thank you thank you for sharing your magic. 5/13/02

Paula Macali/New York, NY   I was just given your CD Savasana by a dear friend who attended your concerts here in New York. I can't thank you enough for your Divine voice. I am a bodyworker and yoga teacher here in New York, and I have played your CD everyday since I received it. It connects me right into God energy. I thank you for all you have done to attune to your highest power and use it to the benefit of helping others. You are a truly gifted soul. 4/22/02

David Keller/USA  I saw you at the most recent Inner Directions gathering. I was deeply moved by your performance and presence. This weekend I bought your Savasana CD. The "Opening" piece - what can I say - it alone is worth a 1000 other albums. What a beautiful and gracious being you are! My heartfelt blessings. 4/15/02

June Bilenky/Moorestown, NJ  I was in attendance last night in Moorestown, NJ and experienced a healing! As I write, Im sitting at my desk and am listening to the Savasana CD. It's magnificent. Thanks to you and your band. 11/09/01

Sitaram Bhadriraju/Cambridge, MA  I keep listening to your CDs on the way to work. The best (if I may) is the Hare Rama Hare Krishna.....It is a devotional nector, pure and simple..... 8/2/01

Bonnie Stannard/New York, NY  I saw you at Shakti Yoga Center in Staten Island. Had a great time. I bought Savasana, and both nights since Monday I've fallen asleep by the 3rd song! Just like you said! It is so relaxing and peaceful. Thank you! Wishing you all peace, love and happiness. 7/18/01

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