Arise Festival/Loveland, CO                                            

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August 14, Thursday             IOWA
7.30 PM   THE HEALING CONCERT Special benefit show for Buddha Relics
6PM Special VIP reception with Wah!, ask for VIP package when purchasing tickets
Hoyt Sherman Place
1501 Woodland Ave
Des Moines, IA
Tickets/Info: (515) 244-0507 or online

August 16, Saturday        COLORADO
FULL BAND CONCERT - outdoor venue - summer evening!
The Double Rainbow Ranch
6541 N 63rd S
Niwot, CO 80503
Tickets/Info: (303) 516-1004 /
Ticket Link:
FB event:

August 17, Sunday      COLORADO
2.30 - 5pm Healing Sound Workshop - exploring the nature of healing and vibrational exchange through simple meditative exercises
Soul Tree Yoga
422 East Simpson St
Lafayette, CO 80026
Registration/Info: (303) 665-5244
fb: Soul-Tree-Studio

Wake Up Festival
August 19, Tuesday           COLORADO

7 PM  THE HEALING CONCERT as part of Pre-Festival Intensives
Wake Up Festival
Estes Park, CO

fb: thewakeupfestival

August 20, Wednesday         COLORADO

7-9 pm An Evening with Jeanie Manchester & Wah!
yoga, long restful savasana, breathing and singing…
Please register early, this event will sell out
Anjaneya Yoga Shala
1408 Violet Ave
Boulder, CO 80304
Tickets/Info: (303) 818-6697
fb: jeanie.manchester

August 22-24, Friday-Sunday         OREGON

Jackson Wellsprings
Ashland, OR
WIN TWO FREE TICKETS - just submit your email here:

Third Annual Festival in the beautiful hotsprins and healing land at Jackson Wellspring. Three Music Stages! Four Yoga Class Spaces! Celebrate a weekend of devotion to the Divine with an all-star lineup of kirtan leaders. Practice yoga, dance meditation & more with in-depth classes & workshops taught by top teachers in an intimate, nurturing setting. Enjoy a 35-acre botanical wonderland featuring natural hot springs, pool, spa and gardens in idyllic Ashland, Oregon. Wah! performs with her band on Saturday night at the Main Stage ~ a beautiful outdoor summer evening...
fb: pranafest

September 7, Sunday              CALIFORNIA
1pm Free Class for Cancer Survivors, Patients and Caregivers (Julie Locke, R.N.) - Wah! is guest teacher, using breath, music and meditation to create self-renewal after surgery, chemo or debilitating illness.
1500 16th St (at DeHaro St)
San Francisco, CA 94103
Registration: (415) 655-3936 or
fb: julielocke79

September 14, Sunday                   CALIFORNIA
Wah! lectures as part of Yoga and the Healing Sciences Teacher Training Program at LMU
Loyola Marymount University
1 LMU Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90045

September 14, Sunday                   CALIFORNIA
Master of Arts in Yoga Studies presentsTHE HEALING CONCERT
7 pm
Ahmanson Theater
Loyola Marymount University
1 LMU Drive
University Hall 1000
Los Angeles, CA 90045
Tickets/Info:  click here

September 21, Sunday           CALIFORNIA
8 PM THE HEALING CONCERT on UN International Day of World Peace
IMAX Theater at Reuben H. Fleet Science Center in Balboa Park
1875 El Prado
San Diego, CA 92101
(You MUST HAVE A TICKET to attend, no tickets sold at the door)

October 12, Sunday          CALIFORNIA

1700 Shattuck Ave
Berkeley, CA 94709
Tickets/Info: (510) 486-0264
This venue has floor space, please bring blankets and cushions if you want to lie down.
fb: yogakula10

November 1-2, Saturday-Sunday                FLORIDA   
Yoga & Chanting Immersion with Wah! - two full days to experience yoga, chanting & healing teachings from Wah!

This weekend retreat is offered at the request of Wah!'s fans. Immerse yourself in the teachings of yoga and self-healing with morning yoga and chanting, afternoon sound, pranayama & satsang. Wah! focuses on healing and what that looks and feels like in you, how you can create more spaciousness in your life, and in your mind and body. Discovery Yoga is a unique and wonderful retreat center with rooms located above the yoga studios. Living room area to hang out, group kitchen, local restaurants.  Price for the immersion includes Saturday evening HEALING CONCERT.

Discovery Yoga
3 Davis St
St Augustine, FL 32084
Registration/Info: (904) 824-7454, Mon-Fri 9am-12:30pm
fb: DiscoveryYoga

November 1, Saturday          FLORIDA
Discovery Yoga
3 Davis St
St Augustine, FL 32084
Registration/Info: (904) 824-7454, Mon-Fri 9am-12:30pm
fb: DiscoveryYoga

November 7, Friday           FLORIDA
Jamar Enlightenment Center
4595 Northlake Blvd, Suites 107 & 111
Villa Palma Plaza
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418
Tickets/Info: (561) 630-2280
fb: Jamar-Enlightenment-Center

November 8, Saturday                  FLORIDA
Jamar Enlightenment Center
4595 Northlake Blvd, Suites 107 & 111
Villa Palma Plaza
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418
Tickets/Info: (561) 630-2280
fb: Jamar-Enlightenment-Center

November 9, Sunday                  FLORIDA
LOVE Yoga Center
4949 Tamiami Trail North #204
Naples, FL 34103
Tickets/Info: (239) 692-9747
fb: love-yoga-center

November 10, Monday                  FLORIDA
6 PM YOGA with Wah!, includes lie savasana music and chanting at end of class
LOVE Yoga Center
4949 Tamiami Trail North #204
Naples, FL 34103
Tickets/Info: (239) 692-9747
fb: love-yoga-center

November 12, Wednesday               FLORIDA
Wah! works with Imagination Process at Soulville/Stuart, FL (not open to the public)
fb: SoulvilleCenter

November 13, Thursday                  FLORIDA            
7.30 pm Kirtan with Wah!
Kula Yoga Shala
400 Toney Penna Dr, Ste F
Jupiter, FL 33458
Tickets/Info: (561) 216-5852
fb: KulaYogaShala

November 14, Friday                  FLORIDA
Soulville - center for healing. transformation. education
555 S. Colorado Ave, Suite 111
Stuart, Florida 34994
Tickets/Info: (772) 220-1515
fb: SoulvilleCenter

November 15, Saturday                  FLORIDA
Yoga Lotus Pond
6201 Lynn Rd
Tampa, FL 33625
Info/Tickets: (813) 961-3160
fb: The-Lotus-Pond-Yoga-Studio

November 16, Sunday                  FLORIDA
Yoga Lotus Pond
6201 Lynn Rd
Tampa, FL 33625
Info/Tickets: (813) 961-3160
fb: The-Lotus-Pond-Yoga-Studio

November 20, Thursday                  FLORIDA    
Swan River Yoga
2940 Canal Street
New Orleans, LA
Tickets/Info: (504) 301-3134
fb: SwanRiverYogaMandir

November 21-23, Friday-Sunday                  FLORIDA
Sunday 12 Noon Sound Workshop
Mahabhuta Yoga Festival
Sanders Beach Community Center
913 South St
Penasacola, FL 32502
fb: Mahabhuta



February             COLORADO
Fiske Planetarium
2414 Regent Drive
Boulder, CO 803039
Tickets to Fiske planetarium bought through social media (Living Social, Groupon, etc) can only be used with Fiske regular public shows advertised in their Events website and not for this event. Thank you.

March 21 weekend

Wah! teaches as part of Yoga Teacher Training
The Yoga Garden
131 N. Narberth Ave. Narberth, PA 19072
Registration/Info: (610) 664.2705

To book WAH!      email

Amanda Ringnalda/Director of Events, The Chopra Center for Wellbeing
Wah! is a magical musician whose light shines internally and externally. Her concerts invite you to experience self-awakening bliss.

Phil Goldberg/ author, American Veda
One of the most successful kirtan artists, Wah! was asked if anything is lost when traditional chants are mixed with Western melodies and rhythms. She replied, 'the mantras are incorruptible.'

Janet Attwood/ author, The Passion Test
I remember walking through the streets of Rishikesh and hearing Wah's voice and wondering who is THAT? There is so much love and clarity coming through this voice. What a great pleasure to have you on our show "Dialogues with the Masters." 7/16/09

Elena Paige/Anusara Yoga Teacher, New York City
Wah! is one of the brightest lights in our community - not only does she lead an amazing kirtan, she gives talks that rock! And she just came out with a wonderful new book. It is always an honor to have her. 8/4/07

Andrea Sykes/Filmmaker, Chicago, IL   Wah!'s music is a conduit of the divine... a breath of life and love that transforms the heart and soothes the spirit. 10/1/07

Anita Doyle/Transformative Counselor What I wasn't necessarily expecting was what a fine teacher Wah! is. She is authentic, nothing extraneous, and right to the point -- her message is Love, pure and simple. 7/31/07

Jordan Kirk, Anusara Teacher Training/Phoenix, AZ
It is rare to find someone with both earthly accomplishments and spiritual understanding. You see skilled musicians who are technically excellent but without a spiritual bone in their body. And on the other side is a person who is total bhakti – immersed in the path of devotion and love – but without enough technique to actually pull it off. It is really rare to have someone with both qualities. WAH! is one of those rare people. An absolutely extraordinary musician. 3/1/03

Bennett Freed, manager Earth, Wind & Fire Sexiest voice I've ever heard. 5/15/04

Cameron Steele, KKNW Contact Radio/Seattle, WA Creatively, you've certainly tapped into a source that brings out the essence of life, about living and being real with each other. 1/20/03

Kim Smithgall, The Saratoga Post/Saratoga Springs, NY Hypnotic, mesmerizing and energizing - just a few adjectives that could be used to describe a recent performance by Wah!.... The English-language songs were as well-received as the Sanskrit chants. The success stems from Wah!'s extraordinary voice, which might be characterized as Jewel meets Sade....12/5/02

Best Alternative Female Artists/ audiovenus.comSheryl Crow, Tori Amos, Sarah McLaughlin, WAH!... 11/30/02

Ellis Widner, Arkansas Democratic Gazette/ Little Rock, AR   The clues to understanding WAH! can be found in her music (consciousness-building, connection to the Divine) and in her voice (haunting, heartfelt longing, passionate). It is something hidden in Wah! herself. 6/2/02

Erik Sloan, author Yosemite Big Walls/Yosemite Valley, CA   Thanks for the wonderful evening in Tucson. Just as predicted, my car tires have stayed plumply happy, my teeth glisten yet brighter, and even the unremitting phone solicitors have stopped calling since chanting with you. Bliss...

Blossoming into Winter/New York, NY with Elena Brower & Amy Ippolitti   WAH! you rocked the house at our event - thank you so much for being there and being you. Many people said Wah! was their favorite part. It totally made the day. 11/26/01

Sudhir Jonathan Foust, President Kripalu Center/ Lenox, MA   Her voice is beautiful, but that isn't what draws me. It's her presence behind it which is so powerful. 10/27/01

Yogaversity/Ojai, CA WAH! is a beautiful, high energy woman. Her music vibrates with deep, healing sounds, her voice is sensual and innocent, strong and sensitive - an invocation and confirmation all in one. Wah! is the most talked about sensation in New World Music. 2/11/01

Mike Savage, DJ @ Y107 Rock/Los Angeles
(in response to WAH! opening for Hole) Actually, I came to The Viper Room expecting to see Love & Rockets open for HOLE. What did you say the name of your band was? 1/9/99

Winnie, Sloan Entertainment/ Los Angeles   I remember your music from Edward Norton’s birthday party. Your music is wonderful. 1/9/99

Ed McCurdy, Executive Producer, VTV Television/ Vancouver 
   Hey, you guys were all right. We'll have you back on the show anytime! Call us when you want to promote your next Sacred Rave. 1/14/99

Lorre Brewer, former management to Frank Sinatra, Don Ho, George Schlatter  Wah! is a trendsetter. You just watch her… Current stars may imitate her, but WAH! is the real thing. The spiritual pop image is hers to glorify… Definitely superstar material. 10/8/98

Samara, Minister, Agape Church/Los Angeles Wah! could be giving directions to Long Beach via the 405, and I would still be healed. Girl, your voice is liquid heaven. 12/31/97

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