March 21, ThursdayCalifornia

YTT Lecture

7.45pm Wah! teaches at Yoga Teacher Training

One Flow Yoga Studio
5600 H St #130
Sacramento, CA 95819
Tickets/Info: (916) 842-6082

March 22, FridayCalifornia


6.30-8.30pm Wah! plays harmonium and shares mantra, stories and meditation.

Leap Yoga Studio
1725 Iron Point Road
Folsom, CA
Tickets/Info: (916) 608-5327

March 23, SaturdayCalifornia


1-3.30pm Are you meditating or just sitting there? Learn how to recognize different brainwave states, use sound and mantra as a tool for meditation, soothe your nervous system, and release feel-good hormones.

One Flow Yoga Studio
5600 H St #130
Sacramento, CA 95819
Tickets/Info: (916) 842-6082

March 24, SundayCalifornia

Ayurveda: Building a Peaceful Lifestyle

1-3.30pm Wah! introduces this approach to health using Ayurvedic wisdom to develop a peaceful body and lifestyle routine. Engaging self-inquiry to determine the tendencies of your mind/body, you can take steps to correct imbalances (vikruti) as they develop. Suffering is the first step, it gets your attention. Then it’s your job to do something about it. Don’t let problems stay problems; take initiative to fix your problems so you can be happy and enjoy. Ayurveda means “the science of living” - take the wisdom and apply it to your life!

Leap Yoga Studio
1725 Iron Point Road
Folsom, CA
Tickets/Info: (916) 608-5327

March 29-31, Friday-SundayArkansas
Healing Gathering

Healing Immersion

For Men and Women. Wah! introduces toning, meditation, dialogue and discussion to create pathways for healing and communication. This retreat is great for anyone interested in improving communication and reducing stress. Bring a friend, sister, brother or family member, come alone; be together. You will leave relaxed and reconnected. 

(click for video):
March 29        /March 30              /March 31
Friday 7-9pm / Saturday 1-5pm/ Sunday 10am-2pm (30-min lunch break 12-12:30pm)

Arkansas Yoga and Therapy Center
1949 N. Green Acres Rd
Fayetteville, AR 72703  
Register/Info: (479) 521-9642

This event is supported by Dr. James Leary who gives Life Qi Renewal sessions. While not mandatory, we highly recommend receiving a healing session. Call (407) 967-0906 with questions or to book an appointment: 

April 5-7, Friday-SundayTexas

A Weekend with Wah!

Friday night - Ecstatic Dance with live performance by DJ MATA
Saturday afternoon - TalkToneHeal workshop for couples
Saturday night - KIRTAN
Sunday morning - YOGA & SELF-HEALING CLASS 

Urban Yoga Ft Worth
1706 8th Ave
Fort Worth, TX 76110  
Register/Info: (817) 908-3569

The weekend is supported by Dr. James Leary who gives Life Qi Renewal sessions. While not mandatory, we highly recommend receiving a healing session. Call (407) 967-0906 with questions or to book an appointment: 

April 11, ThursdayCalifornia


6.30-9.30pm Wah! teaches Mantra at Yoga Teacher Training
Proper pronunciation, introduction to deities, ways to practice mantra repetition, benefits and applications of mantra. We can welcome 10 more people to this evening workshop; please come!

Yoga Flow SF - UNION
1892 Union St
San Fransicso, CA 94123
Info: (415) 466-6576

April 20, SaturdayCalifornia

Yoga & Self-Healing with Wah!

10 AM-12Noon Get ready to move, breathe, and deeply relax! (click for video) Wah! teaches yoga and plays live music for savasana. All levels welcome.

New Leaf Community Market
(Community Room, the room immediately left of front entrance)
150 San Mateo Rd
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019
Sign up here

April 21, SundayCalifornia


8-9.30pm Wah! plays harmonium, shares stories, mantra and meditation. Call and response chanting in Sanskrit. Leila Swenson teaches yoga at 6.15pm, all levels heated Vinyasa Class. Come to both!

Yoga Tree Stanyan
780 Stanyan St
San Francisco, CA 94117
Tickets/Info: (415) 387-4707

April 27, SaturdayCalifornia


Wah! performs music and mantra after Dr. Vasant Lad's address to the National Ayurvedica Medical Association NAMA

1440 Multiversity
Scotts Valley, CA

April 29, MondayCalifornia
DJ Mata

DJ MATA & PARADIS (unconfirmed)

4.30pm DJ MATA performs live for Britany Paradis' All Levels Heated Vinyasa Class. Wah! is DJ Mata performing HIGH ENERGY tracks which combine Deep House electronic music with mantra. Come join us!

Yoga Flow SF - OCEAN
385 Ashton AVe
San Fransicso, CA 94112

May 10, ThursdayCalifornia


6.30-10pm Wah! teaches Meditation at Yoga Teacher Training
Learn the elements and different styles of meditation, including Mindfulness, Guided Visualization, Silent and Spoken Mantra. Determine personal cues that help you access slower brainwaves and natural rejuvenation and harmony. In addition to the YogaTeacherTrainees, we have room for 10 extra guests, so please do come!

Yoga Flow SF - UNION
1892 Union St
San Fransicso, CA 94123
Info: (415) 466-6576

May 18, SaturdayCalifornia
Healing Concert

Healing Concert

7pm HEALING CONCERT(click for video) A multi-media concert using projections, healing lights, and live music by Wah! to inspire world peace and peace within.
Doors open at 6pm, Concert starts at 7pm

Yoga Flow SF - OCEAN
385 Ashton AVe
San Fransicso, CA 94112
Info: (415) 466-6576
Tickets: Eventbrite

This venue has floor space; please bring a cushion if you wish to lie down.

June 14-16, Friday-SundayColorado

Hanuman Festival

8pm Wah! plays harmonium, shares mantra, stories and meditation

10am Wah! teaches Yoga & Self-Healing class

Hanuman Festival
Boulder, CO

August 30-September 2, Friday-SundayNew York

Ecstatic Chant Festival

Wah! performs with her band at the 15th annual Omega chant weekend! Wah! on bass and vocals, Paul Lyons on keyboards, Owen Landis on drums

Omega Institute
150 Lake Drive
Rhinebeck, NY. 12572

September 2019

500-hour TRAINING in Sound Healing

Become proficient in Wah!'s TalkToneHeal technique (more info) of toning, meditation, dialogue and discussion to reduce stress and support healing.  

Day One:  Turn Your Body into a Crystal Bowl        Your body retains and creates the same harmonics and resonances as crystal bowls. Hear, experience and understand harmonic frequencies to heal the brain and soothe the nervous system.  Learn ways to use sound and self-connection with TalkToneHeal techniques.

Day Two:  Embrace, Nurturing and Healing Communication in Relationship              Feel-good hormones are the natural chemicals that support good health and loving relationships.  Create harmonic energy to nurture and improve communication and relationships using TalkToneHeal.

Day Three:   Incorporating TalkToneHeal Techniques into Classes & Communities  Practical applications for TalkToneHeal techniques in senior centers, teen programs, group therapy, yoga, healing sessions, and programs for the disadvantaged.

Soul of Yoga Sound Institute Training directed by Amanda Domnitz, RN E-RYT, RSH
Soul of Yoga Institute
162 S Rancho Santa Fe, Suite A70 
Encinitas, 92024
Questions/Info: (619) 772-7120 
Recommended reading: Healing: A Vibrational Exchange

New Years WeekendCalifornia

1440 Retreat

Wah! leads an annual retreat at 1440 Multiversity. Please check back for more information. We will post once we get confirmation for 2019's retreat.

1440 Multiversity
Scotts Valley, CA




K Kelley | fan

"Wah! is an amazing artist! Her voice has a haunting quality that resonates in a cheerful and introspective way all at the same time."

Ron Braun | fan

Scotts Valley, CA

"She has a beautiful voice complimented by her kind and loving energy. She was very generous with her wisdom and really seems to get it. I found myself free of any self judgement because she allows a space for total acceptance. Thank you and thank you again!"

Rusty Wells |

Bhakti Flow Teacher Training

"The team I’m blessed to ‘work’ with (League of Love) inspires me every moment of every day. Josh and Andrea and Sherry and Jennifer and Cristen and Nat and Wesley and Peter and Jamie and Wah! and Jai.... How did I get this lucky, I mean really???? Your friendships tell me I’m doing something right in my life! ⭐️⭐️⭐️ "

Ivana Grahovac |

Facing Addiction Staff Danbury, CT

"The Healing Concert, Kirtans, and workshops are beautiful, restorative, transformative experiences. My gratitude for this divine woman of light."

Maggie Doctors |

Haute Bodhi Yoga & Pilates Tenleytown, Wash DC

"Dear Wah! Everyone has been talking since your time with us about how cool and different your class/workshop was. The studio is full of life! We’ve got every spot filled on our challenge board and classes have been packed all week! Thank you for bringing your blessings and your magic to this community!"

Dr. Julie Krull |

The Dr. Julie Show: All Things Connected WBLQ AM Talk Radio

"Wah! integrates science with spirituality, and meditation with music in profound ways – her multi-sensory performances and even her book transmit a message of healing. Her experience as a performer, teacher and author allow her to speak with confidence about both the inner and outer worlds. Wah! emanates a beautiful expression of wholeness."

Kate and Tracy de Silva-Sal | One Flow Yoga Studio

Yoga Center Classes and Retreats

"Wah! we are so grateful to have been able to spend time with you and James. Thank you for saying yes to our community and beyond. You served us so lovingly and we are still buzzing."

Augusta Wind | fan

amazon review

"I have seen Wah! live, which was a great experience. The cuts on LOVE HOLDING LOVE are slinky and danceable; I dig how she "raps" on a few cuts, like "Sacred Patterns." On the sultry cuts, Wah! recalls a spiritual Sade, but with a better voice. I have no problem with Wah! trying to take the spiritual to a wider audience through a different musical format. Good for her."

Vineet Chander |

Princeton University/Princeton, NJ

"Wah!'s lecture had broad appeal. Many singled out Wah! as their favorite lecture in the series."

Yogesh Ananda | fan

Boone, NC

"The healing concert in Boone made me and everyone I know cry. On a multifaceted level Wah! continues to open people up and give them exactly what they need."

East West Music Reviews |

East West Music

"Hip elegance and perennial wisdom flow from the lovely voice of Wah!"

Amanda Ringnalda |

Director of Events, The Chopra Center for Wellbeing

"Wah! is a magical musician whose light shines internally and externally. Her concerts invite you to experience self-awakening bliss."

Yogi Vet | fan

"Wah! has a beautiful voice, soft pop jazz-esque type of music, reminded me of Sade."

Phil Goldberg |

American Veda

"One of the most successful kirtan artists, Wah! was asked if anything is lost when traditional chants are mixed with Western melodies and rhythms. She replied, 'the mantras are incorruptible."

Paraddy | fan

"Wah! creates good relaxing music for yoga practice, helps to concentrate and maintain concentration. would recommend it to a friend. happy practicing"

Michael Morey | Mind Left Body Podcast

American Veda

"Wah! is hands down one of the most amazing voices in the yoga community. Whether it's devotional singing, teaching yoga, presenting workshops, leading womens groups or writing books, it's all about service. Less stress, more Wah!"

Rick Baker | fan

"Wah! is one of the best artists in the world, her CD Maa is a work of art. Wah! has the voice of an angel and I love the songs with the flute."

Janet Attwood |

The Passion Test

"I remember walking through the streets of Rishikesh and hearing Wah's voice and wondering who is THAT? There is so much love and clarity coming through this voice. What a great pleasure to have you on our show "Dialogues with the Masters."

Emily Canibano | fan

"Wah!’s Invocation it made the perfect backdrop for centering and grounding in myMonday night power yoga class. The CD MAA is perfect to take outside of the yoga class to listen and unwind to. Great for dancing, maybe even belly dance, perfect for waking up your energy during a run, biking, in the car - anywhere. It 's a versatile CD that anyone can enjoy. Her other CD LOVE HOLDING LOVE sounds mainstream enough to be heard on the radio and groovable enough for any soft pop or light rock lover not into yoga to appreciate."

Elena Paige |

Anusara Yoga Teacher, NYC

"Wah! is one of the brightest lights in our community - not only does she lead an amazing kirtan, she gives talks that rock! And she just came out with a wonderful new book. It is always an honor to have her."

Picky | fan

"Wah!’s CD allows you to have the unobtrusive background for concentrating on asanas or relaxing into mindless savasana. Wah! has surrounded us with her clear and descriptives tones. So relaxing that you feel your heart beat and breath slowing down and following along on waves of serenity."

Andrea Sykes

Filmmaker, Chicago, IL

"Wah!'s music is a conduit of the divine, a breath of life and love that transforms the heart and soothes the spirit. "

Jules Inrose


"Wah! is spectacular. Her singing is beautiful and unlike most new age singers, she's got soul."

Anita Doyle |

Transformative Counselor

"What I wasn't necessarily expecting was what a fine teacher Wah! is. She is authentic, nothing extraneous, and right to the point -- her message is Love, pure and simple."

Eric Rehnke | fan

Joshua Tree, CA

"I am a newcomer to kirtan music and have enjoyed certain artists in this genre. But it wasn't until I saw Wah! at Shaktifest in Joshua Tree, CA (May 11-13) that I realized how powerful and transformative as well as just fun to listen to that this music can be. Wah! sings with a voice that can be likened to Sade in it's range and effect. Sometimes, her backup music has an Enigma feel to it. The songs are sacred put to modern arrangements and beats. I have been listening to this music over and over while driving and even while reading at home. It is very soothing and interesting at the same time. I also purchased two of her other albums but find myself going back to "Loops N Grooves" as my staple background music."

Amazon Grace | fan

amazon review

"I bought this after reading the review in Yoga Journal. I was not disappointed. The soulful mix of mellow singing and upbeat grooves is a winner. I use some of the tracks for my yoga practice. My 11 month old twins LOVE this album and dance to it!"

Jordan Kirk |

Anusara Teacher Training - Phoenix, AZ

"It is rare to find someone with both earthly accomplishments and spiritual understanding. You see skilled musicians who are technically excellent but without a spiritual bone in their body. And on the other side is a person who is total bhakti – immersed in the path of devotion and love – but without enough technique to actually pull it off. It is really rare to have someone with both qualities. WAH! is one of those rare people. An absolutely extraordinary musician"

Bill Maus | fan

amazon review

"Just listen to Wah! and you can really instantly connect with all the emotions/the world around you. While nothing compares to the experience of singing with others during a Kirtan, this CD is about as close as you can get without people. "