Release date: Feb 3, 2023

About the Album

Wah! delivers her soothing mix of Sanskrit mantra classics plus two songs in English. Composed by Wah!, arranged in Ableton Live, recorded in Logic Pro. Produced by Wah! Mixed and mastered by Thomas Barquee. It’s been a great collaboration and upgrade of sonic capability, software, and engineering. Please listen, share and enjoy!

International yoga music star Wah! releases her new album BLESSINGS, exploring emotions of gratitude and love. Sanskrit mantra, plus 2 songs in English. Her meditation tracks have inspired yogis for over 25 years and she is credited with being one of the founders of the yoga niche music market.

Check out the beautiful film by Inner City Films: WATER BLESSING and NARAYANI BLESSING. Online album release concert Feb 3, 2023.



Wah!'s new album BLESSINGS is just what I needed. Beautiful and inspiring.
JULIE, yoga teacher


The Story Behind Blessings

Blessings shows the power of people coming together to create joyful, hopeful energy. For two years, every Friday night, fans gathered online and helped create a joyful place to sing, dance, and connect. We welcomed everyone, we shared our wisdom, chatted our hopes and dreams, posted the words to the mantras, helped and supported each other. It was open to all. I made the music, fans added their energy and we created an online community. The album was a natural outcome of our gatherings and connection.