Dedicating Your Life to Spirit


About the Book

Taken directly from lectures, classes, teacher trainings and concerts in the US and abroad over a five year period, Dedicating Your Life to Spirit brings forth the wealth of Wah!’s teachings and wisdom with over 150 photographs documenting yoga, lectures, meditation, mudras, and chanting experiences.

Many fans and students wanted to buy more than just CDs; they often said, “I liked your concert a lot but even more, I liked what you said.” – “You were speaking directly to my heart tonight.” – “What was that thing you said in Indianapolis about community?” Although the book does not include every lecture, it does offer a taste of Wah!’s teachings on yoga, chant and spiritual philosophy.

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“At first all I wanted was Wah!s velvety voice chanting but then I fell in love with her English songs; and ultimately began listening to her talks. Her music captures and captivates but her talks are full of surprises, pushing edges and exploring truths. Her sense of the sacred and the divine are deeply authentic.”



“Wonderful book. I’ve enjoyed Wah’s music since seeing her twice in Connecticut. Reading her book brought me back to those inspiring concerts and her beautiful spirit.”



“I love WAH’s music, it speaks to my soul. Her book, Dedicating Your Life to Spirit, gave glimpses of other sides of WAH! I thoroughly enjoyed the book.”



“This book was extremely helpful, especially when Wah talks about the energy and how it flows. Also of great interest to me were the pieces she wrote about life purpose and various parts of the spiritual path. For those of us who are out there experiencing the ups and downs, these words of wisdom are truly gems, like a hug to help keep going.”


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