The Early Years

About The Early Years

New The Early Years is a collection of Wah! recordings from the late 1990s. Each track is about 30 minutes long to accompany meditation practice. You can sit in a meditative posture and sing along with these tracks to enjoy a connection to the divine. These mantras are from the Sikh tradition, a religion born of Hindu and Muslim traditions founded by Guru Nanak in 15th century India.


“Wah! has found a fertile ground between Western music and Eastern spirituality.”


The Story Behind The Early Years

These tracks were unearthed as I looked through master files for digital coding numbers for a different project. As I listened to the recordings, I saw a younger version of myself starting out in the music industry; these were my first attempts at producing tracks for yoga and meditation. I did these songs for myself; I wanted to hear mantra in a way that pleased me and suited my musical style.

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